New Neighborhood Construction

When a developer obtains the permits for new neighborhood construction, they often begin their scheduled work by building the roads and amenities included in the new community. Scheduling these items first gives cohesion to the overall plan for the community, and it assures buyers they will be in place and usable on the day they make their purchase. Some areas might not be completed before the first homes are constructed, and some projects are large enough that they must be phased in over time.

Selling lots and constructing homes is a large part of the reason development companies build large communities. They are not necessarily interested in only creating the basics, and they often have their own home construction companies that will build the majority of the houses in their neighborhoods. They have found it can take several years before the community has filled up, and this keeps their people on the job over a long time. It pays off as they open each new area of homes, and selling the tracts and construction provides them with a steady profit.

While developments are driven by profit, it does not necessarily mean they are not built with luxury in mind. Many developers have found that adding even small amenities increases the prices they can charge, and it keeps the new neighborhood viable until all the lots are sold. It is good business to provide potential buyers with the amenities they want, and it will keep their company solvent far into the future.

When the majority of homes have been built, the construction project is generally closed down. The last few houses might be built by the same development company, or the buyers can hire a company of their choice. These types of developments generally have a home owner’s association, and they are tasked with working with builders to ensure a cohesive community.