Dealing with Delays

Large projects of any type are often subject to glitches when it comes to getting the job done on time. Those who plan construction projects are aware of this factor, and they have scheduled days here and there to compensate for it. Dealing with delays comes in many forms, but it is often due to weather or a delay in materials arriving that causes the issue. Being able to work around these issues can keep even the largest project on schedule and within budget with the right managers.

Weather delays are common in some areas, but they are almost unheard of in others. This is often an issue when no weather days have been put into the plans. A company building a large housing development in the desert should not expect rain or snow to delay them, but it can happen. A wise project manager overrides the individual managers and puts those days in just in case. That alone can keep the project on its original track.

Material delays are often difficult to predict, and it can be due to the fact there are issues wherever the materials are being manufactured. Trusses or rebar for a large project may be made in another country, so weather or shipping delays could cause a job to shut down. Finding ways around the hazards of dealing with distance is all part of management’s job on a large project, and many times a scheduled delay of a couple of days has been what kept the schedule from being nonviable.

Learning how and when to schedule in delay days comes with a great deal of experience. There is no actual way to know what will cause an issue that will stop the work, but knowing it can and often will happen is one reason to hire an experienced project manager for any large construction undertaking.