Building Projects

Building From the Ground Up

When starting a construction project, the place to begin is at the bottom of the building. Once a good foundation...

Building Projects

Laying a Good Foundation

No matter how large or small a building is, it will not stand long without a secure foundation underneath it....

Building Projects

Adding the Landscaping

Once a building is complete, the landscaping must be added. While many people think of this as nothing more than...

Building Projects

New Neighborhood Construction

When a developer obtains the permits for new neighborhood construction, they often begin their scheduled work by building the roads...

When outsiders look at a large construction project, it often seems either completely chaotic or as if no one is working. This is due to the scheduling that takes place once the project has been given a green light to begin. Scheduling is the duty of the civil engineering department. They decide how long it will take to complete each task as well as the order in which the different tasks must be completed.

The comprehensive job schedule is distributed to the management of each team working on a construction project. The purchasing team has the responsibility to ensure supplies arrive when needed for each phase of the project. Machine operation managers are responsible for making sure their crews are ready to work when the schedule calls for heavy lifting or moving. Managers for the welders, carpenters and other tradesmen are given the schedule to tell them when they can work on their part of a large construction project.